Tabestan -e- Sard

by Kamyar Arsani

I walk under shapeless clouds looking above towards man-made doomed grounds as the man sings "wearing the inside out" I will always look for you in a red a car driving away and then your back started bending I didn't know I swear I was there but I did not hear you As you drove the other way, I think, the other way. Although there is no holy book that can make me hand you the truth even with both bare hands but we can sit here and look at prayer flags as they get pushed around by the wind as we put our hands out the window with our eyes tight close Not every "think" that I think is about everything that separates us But then here and there some thoughts attack me that remind me of aftermath of love As we burn ourselves away As you drive the other way I keep thinking about all the things that keep us away Driving the other way...
forgive me enemy for I have destroyed the memory forgive me my old friend for your betrayal I will pay years in cage of life I will come out with a leg shorter and an arm missing But my head is straight to make sure you are gone beyond the grave as to this rage I must not hold on forgive me for I am still holding on
کتبیه، شعر از فریدون رهنما Katibeh, poem by Fereidoun Rahnama and original song and voice of Farhad Mehrad گرم و زنده بر شنهای تابستان زندگی را بدرود خواهم گفت warm and alive over sands of summer I will say farewell to life تا قاصد میلیونها لبخند گردم . So I can be the messenger of million laughters تابستان مرا در بر خواهد گرفت و دریا دلش را خواهد گشود Summer will devour me and the sea will open its heart to me تا قاصد میلیونها لبخند گردم . So I can become messenger of million laughters تابستان مرا در بر خواهد گرفت و دریا دلش را خواهد گشود Summer will devour me and the sea will open its heart to me زمان در من خواهد مرد و من بر زمان خواهم خفت Time will die in me and I will sleep over time


salam family
new EP for you. Its called "cold summer".
first song, is supposed to be a fun one to pair up with tears for the lost. second song is just me pleading for forgiveness and third song, now that has a longer story. I will tell you about it maybe in a more personal time.
sending you love and I hope you are staying safe and keeping others in community safe.
This work would have not been possible without help of Maya Renfro. I am forever grateful


released September 4, 2020

violin, vocals: Maya Renfro
Thankful also to Farhad Mehrad and Fereidoun Rahnama for "Katibeh" and stirring up oceans of emotions with that song (that why I had to cover it)


all rights reserved



Kamyar Arsani Washington, D.C.

Kamyar Arsani is an Iranian multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter based in Washington DC. Through his solo work and numerous collaborations, Arsani creates music across an array of styles, ranging from classical Persian music to genre-defying electronic experimentation. A teacher, performer and scholar of the daf _ the Iranian frame drum _ ... more

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